Small problem.
Hmmm, this section of the site is temporarily (?) offline... (It seems we have some trouble.)

We have received an email from Fraunhofer (as have more developers) to negotiate the licensing for the mp3 encoder. As we are poor students, paying the license is not really a viable option :/
Because of this, we have decided to shut down the 8hz-mp3 section and stop the development of the 8hz-mp3 encoder until further notice.

When we receive a reply from Fraunhofer we'll let you know what will happen further...

In the meantime you could check out some of our online games.

A number of people have asked for the original sources. I have managed to find them here: dist10.tar.gz
They are less easy to build and use, they do not read wave files and they are slower ;)
But maybe they'll be of some use to you.

(C)1998 8Hz Productions. Amsterdam Netherlands. are two students in Amsterdam programming for the sake of learning.

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